Unit One Entertainment – Supplying you’re wedding with the best wedding DJ’s Manchester has to offer!

Is your big day looming?

Looking for the that all important entertainment act to help get your show on the road? Look no further!

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Unit One Entertainment have a range of wedding DJ’s in and around the Manchester area who’re ready to get this show on the road and make your wedding a day one to remember and a cherished memory shared among you and your loved ones.



Here at Unit One Entertainment, our wedding DJ’s of Manchester are a lively bunch who’re best loved for the combination of sentiment and upbeat fun they bring to your wedding party- not to mention their abilities to bring you’re party to its feet and have everyone dancing in unison.


What’s more; our wedding DJ’s here at Unit One Entertainment work with your music tastes putting together a playlist which caters for all your guests! Enhance your wedding day with Unit One and prepare to dance the final hours of your special day away in style.


Your first time booking your wedding DJ Manchester?


It’s likely this is your first time booking your wedding DJ Manchester which is why, here at Unit One Entertainment we try to make the process as simple as possible and one less thing to worry about on your special day. Our wedding DJ’s are reliable, responsible and know how to entertain crowds large and small.


It seems, many customers who’re in search of that quality wedding DJ Manchester struggle to know where to start when searching for that all important DJ who’s going to make those final hours of your wedding one to remember.


Lucky for you, Unit One Entertainment is on hand to make your wedding run smoothly!


When finding the perfect wedding DJ Manchester; you’re looking for someone who’s not only got the confidence, but that someone who’s able to talk the talk and walk the walk.


Unit One Entertainment houses Manchester’s finest wedding DJ’s so rest assure, the wedding DJ you’re hiring will work in partnership with you and your fiancée and make your wedding a special event to remember.


What you get when you hire Unit One Entertainment:


Once you’ve chosen the DJ you’d like to host your wedding party, your wedding DJ Manchester will keep in contact with you between booking and the special day to ensure all your favourite songs are top of the list in time for your big day.


Our wedding DJ’s have both a unique take on playlists, and let the music fill the room and flow while ensuring the songs are mixed so your not facing any silence in your wedding bash! After all, our wedding DJ’s Manchester are well known and often dubbed ‘the best of the North West': so rest assure your wedding will be the topic of your guests conversation for years to come!


Who are Unit One Entertainment?


Based in the heart of Manchester, Unit One Entertainment is Manchester’s leading supplier of wedding DJ’s in the Greater Manchester, Manchester, Chester and North West regions. Our wedding DJ’s, Manchester really are the life and soul of every party they cater for.


What makes us Different?


As we’re based in the real heart of Manchester, we know what tone the Manchester crowd likes, so much so: we know exactly what makes a real Manchester wedding party thrive.


Our Wedding DJ’s in Manchester are both adaptable and versatile adopting a new approach to every party they’re catering for: our wedding DJ’s can judge a crowd and instantly adapt our tone to one which pleases the crowd and brings them to their feet.


Also: song requests will be played!


Here at Unit One Entertainment, we know how much Manchester dislikes the idea of a song request not making it’s way to the speakers and filling the room!


Our wedding DJ’s in Manchester cater for a range of parties across the UK. Our wedding DJ’s bring flexibility while working around your preferred time frames and come dressed to impress!


Book your wedding DJ Manchester with us here at Unit One Entertainment and make your wedding special and one to remember!

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