Rod Stewart Tributes

Indulge and enjoy your very own Rod Stewart tribute act with Unit One Entertainment today.


Dance, sing and relive the vibrant 60s, the psychedelic 70s the pop-punk 80s and beyond alongside the most lively, precious tribute act known to the UK that is Brian Hetherington Tagg: Unit One Entertainments very own Rod Stewart tribute act.


Rod Stewart, born in 1945: the year marking the end of the second world war following Britain, the United States and the USSR signing the armistice agreeing to proceed in fighting against Germany, is best known for his raspy, signature rock and roll voice subverting rock and roll sound for the following generations, influencing the rock and roll genre to the raw, tuneful melodies we hear today.


Having featured in a whole range of Rock and Roll bands of the 60s, Rod Stewart went on to achieve solo stardom for generations following his debut single, ‘Maggie Mae’ in 1971. Rod Stewart’s raspy voice brings and element of grace, nostalgia and uniqueness to the rock and roll music industry: still prominent in more contemporary rock and roll sounds we hear today.


Britpop artists, Stereophonics are among many rock and roll stars heavily influenced by Rod Stewart which transpires through welsh wonder; Kelly Jones’ voice which powers through stadiums, venues and music players alike. The band in fact covered one of Rod Stewart’s most recognised singles ‘The Handbags and the Gladrags’ indulging in a live performance with the star which left listeners speechless and hungry for more.


Relive the golden eras with your very own Rod Stewart tribute act and bring your party to its feet. Enjoy the look, the stage presence and the charismatic features of your very own Rod Stewart while you dance, sing and party the night away with your loved ones to a combination of your most prized Rod Stewart classics today including ‘Do ya think I’m Sexy’, ‘You’re in My Heart’, ‘Sailing’ and of course, many more.


Contact Unit One Entertainment for more information or to book your Rod Stewart tribute act today on 0800 316 5517 (Freephone).

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