Frank Sinatra Tributes

Come fly with your very own Frank Sinatra tribute act today.


The late Frank Sinatra, who we all know and love, may have sadly passed in the SpringĀ of ’98 leaving a lasting impression on the music industry in his absence: shaping it into the way we see it today.


As the evolution of music continues, we each have a little Sinatra under our skin, some of us unknowingly loving a Sinatra classic or two.


Subconsciously, modern day music in the UK chart evokes a real sense of Sinatra nostalgia: songs such as ‘Uptown Funk’ by the mighty duo; Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson is one of many to have strong underpinned jazz age influences.


Our established Frank Sinatra tribute acts are among the most popular tribute acts to be hired here at Unit One Entertainment: renowned for leaving a lasting impression on fans and party-goers all over the nation, they’re really not to be missed.


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