Charlie Hale

Charlie Hale

“Hale makes an impression” THE STAGE “Charlie Hale made one of the most bizarre starts to an act I’ve ever seen, arriving in a dummy mask, He had the full measure of his audience and soon had them eating out of his hand….In addition to being a good gag teller he’s got a fair old line in impressions – Nelson Mandela, Chris Eubank, Mike Tyson and that was barely half of it. The audience loved him”.

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Since gaining the coveted “Liverpool Comedian of the Year” award in 1990, Charlie has gone from strength to strength, working the length and breadth of the country, including visits to Northern Ireland, Germany, and Spain. His qualities as a stand up comic were showcased in 1992 when Granada TV brought ‘The Comedians’ back, but his real talents lie in his comedy impressions of politicians, soap stars, pop stars and sportsmen, in particular his superb send up of Chris Eubank, equalled only by Chris himself! Charlie’s sheer brilliance has lead to various. TV shows for 1995 including his own ½ hour show on Sky One (15 July 1995)

Charlie’s act has already taken the cabaret world by storm and coupled with his own sporting background ( He is an ex boxer and pro footballer,) he has proved a huge success on the After Dinner market. Charlie’s flexibility allows him to entertain at the smallest children’s party right up to any type of adult audience, and is also available for any acting work that should come along.
Charlie’s appeared on five tours with one of the greatest middleweight boxers ever, Marvellous Marvin Hagler. When Iron Mike Tyson fought in England, Charlie appeared on sky sports at the ring side doing impressions of Iron Mike, Chris Eubank, and Frank Bruno.

Charlie entertains guests at Manchester City on Match day’s, as part of their co-operate entertainment package.
Some of the names Charlie has worked with on TV are Beverly Knight, Shola Alma, Rolanad Gift, (Fine Young Cannibals) Heather Small, (M People) Mica Paris, Grace Jones, Robbie Williams on Hanger 17.

Charlie was regular comic on the BBC2 programme A-Force and he wrote one episode of the regular topical feature called “Blouse And skirt”.
Listeners to Wire FM 107.2 radio can hear Charlie giving his impressions of Coronation Street, and Beckham in Spain. He also takes part in regular wind up sessions with the popular Century North East radio program, “Goffy In The Morning” which his character Nelson Mandela in the North East has become a cult figure.
On the after dinner circuit Charlie works along side big state side personalities as well as household British names. The likes of former world heavyweight champions, Ken Norton, Ernie Shavers, Tim Witherspool, Joe Frazier, Brazilian world cup star Jairzhino, Australian cricketer Dennis Lilly.
The entertainment business has given Charlie an opportunity to work along side his boyhood hero’s, such as George Best, Mike Summerbe. Through to some of his hero’s of today. Barry McGuigan, and Nigel Benn, and Ricky Hatton.
In conclusion Charlie is always in demand, as he is a clean comedian who does not swear and is the same whether he is entertaining a family audience or five hundred men at a sporting dinner.

“A Cavalcade of Comics”  – THE STAGE

“working his act from a large Punch & Judy type screen on stage, this talented and very imaginative entertainer brings a new and hilarious comedy idea in presentation. Following a good line in patter, he continued with tremendously funny send up impressions highlighted by an unbelievable interview – Brian Walden meets Bernard Manning! He ended his act with a series of masks and puppets over the top of the screen, all complete with highly comical storylines which had us falling about with laughter.”